Taking a closer look at the wildlife in your backyard: Nikon Small World in Motion winners announced


posted Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 10:59 PM EDT


Nikon Instruments recently announced the winner and runner's up in their fifth annual Nikon Small World in Motion Photomicrography Competition, and there are some interesting images indeed!

First place went to Dutch photographer Wim van Egmond of the Micropolitan Museum who has previously taken home the first place prize in Nikon’s Small World still photography competition.

With technological advancements, DSLR cameras have become better at recording video. These improvements encouraged van Egmond to start focusing more effort on video rather than just still photography. He enjoys capturing imagery of living organisms, so video is a great way to showcase them.

Wim van Egmond’s winning entry shows a ciliate attacking and consuming a smaller ciliate. The real-time footage shows creatures that van Egmond discovered in his own backyard. “Wildlife is so close to us, yet most of us never look close enough to see it,” van Egmond says, “A pool in your garden is actually a miniature underwater jungle teeming with life. If you want to see the world, your backyard is a great place to start.”

Watch the video below to see the winning entries in the competition.

In addition to Wim van Egmond’s first place prize, Danielle Parsons earned second place and Gonzalo Avila was awarded third place. To see the full list of winners, see the press release. To see all of the winning entries individually, click here!

(Seen via The Verge)