Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man might be her country’s ‘Annie Leibovitz’


posted Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at 12:48 PM EST


Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man might be China's own "Annie Leibovitz." The thirty-five year old photographer has made waves in both China and internationally, with her work gracing the covers of publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and more. She is her country's go-to fashion photographer.

CNN Style recently did a story on her, where she referred to photography as a "toy that locks up time." Time is an important aspect of Chen Man's work. As people change over time, how they view her work will change as well, so she creates work that follows a theme of "fusion."

While capable of shooting photos like western photographers, she instead wants her work to reflect her Chinese perspective. Her country is changing quickly and dramatically, with these developments affecting people on an individual level as well, impacting how people express themselves. See the video below to see Chen Man working with her Canon 5DS and hear her discuss her personal style.

Chen Man is more than just a fashion photographer; she is also a fine art photographer. Her work is included in permanent collections at a variety of museums, including the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. In addition to being a diversely-talented photographer, she has also directed advertising campaigns, contributed calligraphy and designs to companies such as Canon and headphone-maker Beats.

You can view more of her work and long list of accomplishments at her website.  

(Seen via Petapixel and CNN