Photographer Andy Lee creates surreal landscapes of Patagonia


posted Monday, January 18, 2016 at 11:27 AM EDT


Welsh photographer Andy Lee recently travelled to the Patagonian region of Chile in South America and returned home with many brilliant images, as highlighted by My Modern Met here

In Lee's Patagonia Dreaming series, he put a distinct twist on the rough, rural landscape and made images that highlight just how sparsely-populated the region is. His images convey a very real sense of loneliness, and many of them have a surreal feel.

With that said, as is evidenced by the first image below, not all of his images from Patagonia feature cool tones, but some of them connect the viewer to a warmer version of nature.


A photo posted by Andy Lee (@andyleeuk) on



A photo posted by Andy Lee (@andyleeuk) on

Lee's work utilizes very carefully-processed colors and tones and often features dark, moody landscapes. His use of negative space contributes a lot of emotion to his images.

Beyond just thoughtful processing, Lee also makes use of a modified infrared digital camera in addition to a traditional digital camera. For more information on infrared photography, see here

To see more of Andy Lee's work, including his other photo series, visit his website

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