This man has photographed every Super Bowl, describes what’s changed over the years


posted Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 8:48 PM EST

Three men have been spectators at all fifty Super Bowls, but Sports Illustrated photographer John Biever is one of only four people to have photographed them all.

Biever recently spoke with CBS News' John Blackstone about his experiences. At the age of 15, John Biever photographed Super Bowl I (known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game at the time) with his father, Vernon Biever, the team photographer for the Green Bay Packers (who beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35 to 10). At the game, John captured a photograph of the very first Super Bowl touchdown. In the photograph, empty seats could be seen, as surprisingly enough the very first Super Bowl was not a sell-out.

Since then, Biever has photographed every Super Bowl. He recalls taking iconic images of Joe Namath at Super Bowl III and John Madden being carried off the field by his Raiders' players in Super Bowl XI. Biever's favorite Super Bowl photo was captured on the field after Super Bowl I, where you can see Vince Lombardi and Vernon Biever in the same shot, "two of my heroes in one shot," said John.

John earned his press credentials by Super Bowl IV and he has been shooting for Sports Illustrated for the past thirty years. Watch the video below to hear John discuss more of his favorite Super Bowl memories and also what has changed with both the game and photography itself over the years.

Vince Lombardi (left) and Vernon Bievers (right, facing to his left) at the first Super Bowl.
Image credit: John Biever

For more information on John Biever's work at all fifty Super Bowl games, read this article by Parade. You can view more of John's Super Bowl images from the CBS News video and additional information here

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