Think Tank says go big or go home by announcing the largest rolling equipment case on the market


posted Friday, April 1, 2016 at 10:41 AM EDT


Think Tank Production Manager 50

For photographers looking for the largest rolling photography equipment case on the market, Think Tank Photo has you covered with their Production Manager 50.

The Production Manager 50 allows photographers to pack an immense amount of lighting gear into a rolling case, so that photographers can transports so much gear that it "used to take up to at least two assistants," as Think Tank puts it.

The case is designed for carrying lighting gear for the working photographer. The case has wide-set, shock-absorbing wheels, included lock and cable, and numerous movable dividers so that the user can readily customize the interior.

Think Tank CEO and Lead Designer Doug Murdoch says of the Production Manager 50, "Pro photographers usually travel by car or van to where they are going to shoot. Once a shoot is completed the set needs to be torn down and moved to the next location. Often times, there can be a time crunch…Carrying these bags up and down stairs can be very cumbersome and often takes two people. The Production Manager 50 makes this time-sensitive, cumbersome process easier and quicker."

Think Tank Production Manager 50

Additional features of the Production Manager 50 include a large front zippered pocket for reflectors, umbrellas, and more; attachments for lightstands or tripods on both sides; rigid shell; robust handles on four sides; heavy-duty aluminum side-frame; large interior mesh pockets; adjustable lid straps to keep the bag open; user replaceable wheels and hardware; and much more.

Exterior dimensions are 17.3" x 53.1" x 12.6" (44 x 135 x 32 cm) and interior dimensions are 15.6" x 49.2" x 10" (39.5 x 125 x 25 cm). Depending on which features are in use, the Production Manager 50 weighs between 20.7 and 29.8 lbs. (9.4 - 13.5 kg) when empty. Available now, the Production Manager 50 costs around $600 USD. For more information on the Production Manager 50, see here.

Think Tank Retrospective 6 and new "Sandstone" color option

That's not all Think Tank has announced. They've also added a new color and size to their Retrospective shoulder bag line. The popular Retrospective line has added a "size 6" to its previous line of 5, 7, 10, 20, 30 sizes.

The new Retrospective 6 in the new "Sandstone" color option.

The new Retrospective 6 is designed for DSLR users in need of carrying a few more lenses as well as mirrorless owners with a handful of smaller lenses. For DSLR users, the Retrospective 6 can fit a standard or gripped DSLR with a short lens attached, an additional one or two lenses, and an 8" tablet or external flash in the front pocket. Mirrorless users can expect to be able to fit one or two camera bodies, one to four extra lenses, and an 8" tablet or external flash in the front.

In addition to the new size, Think Tank has made all of their Retrospective series of bags available in a new color, Sandstone.

The Retrospective Leather series is also now available in "Sandstone." The Retrospective Leather series is available in Retrospective 5, 7, and 30 sizes and costs more than their non-leather counterparts. 

The Retrospective 6 is available now for $154.75. More information on the Retrospective 6 can be found here.