Beauty in simplicity: Behind the scenes glimpse at “nomadic” light-painting project


posted Monday, April 18, 2016 at 5:59 PM EST

Canadian photographer and visual artist Eric Paré is known for his light painting photography, which has been covered by a wide variety of media outlets in the past. (We pointed readers towards his LightSpin documentary a couple of years ago.)

Of his latest project, Signs of Light, Paré says "When comes the night, it's time to animate the sky with our lights. Signs of Light is part of our nomadic art and a way to create unique visuals based on very simple and accessible light-painting techniques…Light-painting is an art. And there [are] no rules. It brings endless creative possibilities, it gathers people together, and for many, it becomes a way of living."

In the video below, you can see Eric and Kim Henry working together to create distinct and captivating images in a variety of locations around the world. With the help of a lit plastic tube, Eric stands behind Kim and moves the light in precise and whimsical ways, creating really interesting compositions in front of the night sky. Eric says that many of the images are lit in as little as one second.


To see more of Eric's work, visit his website. To learn more about the Signs of Light project, see here.

(All images above are copyright Eric Paré, and are used with permission.)