Canon T6 First Shots: The latest entry-level Rebel touches down in our lab


posted Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 12:36 PM EST


You could scour the far corners of the globe and not find a more popular line of digital cameras from the last decade or so than the Canon Rebel series. We're not privy to exact numbers of camera sales for a given line, but the Canon Rebel line has been to the digital camera world what Elvis Presley has been to Rock and Roll... the most popular by a long shot.

We've long since had time to review both the Canon T6i as well as the most advanced model within the Rebel series, the Canon T6s. Now, as the third member of the T6 trio, the entry-level Canon T6 undergoes its initial round of testing in our lab for First Shots. Sporting the same 18-megapixel sensor as its predecessor, the Canon T5, and a similar but improved DIGIC 4+ processor, we'd expect the basic imaging pipeline to be virtually the same.

To get you started with image quality comparisons, below are side-by-side 1:1 crops from our Comparometer at ISO 3200 alongside the Canon T5, and also the competing Nikon D3300 and Sony A5000, both current entry-level models to those popular lines. ISO 3200 tends to be a good gain setting to really put APS-C cameras to the test, and for comparison purposes for general noise levels and artifacts as the ISO rises. The difference in apparent size of the test target is due to the difference in sensor resolution, which is 24.2MP for the D3300 and 20.1MP for the A5000.

Canon T5                        ISO 3200                         Canon T6

Nikon D3300                      ISO 3200                         Canon T6

Sony A5000                       ISO 3200                         Canon T6

For more side-by-side comparisons against any model you're interested in, please visit our handy Comparometer. And for direct access to the T6 lab samples please see our Canon T6 Samples page.

Stay tuned for more to come from the latest in the Rebel line!

Canon T6 OverviewLab Samples

Canon T5 vs Canon T6

Nikon D3300 vs Canon T6

Sony A5000 vs Canon T6

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