Get the Panasonic LX100 for $697 at Adorama and receive a $200 gift card!


posted Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 6:32 PM EDT


Our longtime enthusiast regulars already know how we feel about the Panasonic LX100. For starters, it won Best Premium Compact in our 2014 Camera of the Year awards. It also won our Best Fixed Lens Camera under $1000 that same year, and for good reason.

Now, in addition to $100 off the list price of $797, our trusted affiliate Adorama is "tossing in" an extra $200 off by way of a gift card! Since most of us need additional camera gear such as memory cards, extra batteries, camera bags and tripods, this is basically as good as cash, giving you an incredibly capable camera for a net price of $497. (Or, if you use the gift card to purchase an SD card, extra battery, nice bag and a travel tripod, you could just consider it a fantastic package deal!)

Panasonic LX100 "Superdeal"

What's the Panasonic LX100 capable of? The large 4/3rds sensor and relatively bright lens allow for terrific low light performance in a compact camera, for one thing. We used it to shoot indoor basketball, dim indoor restaurant shots, even a Disney show! And our senior reviewer Mike Tomkins very much enjoyed his time field testing this camera, noting that it was the first compact camera to capture 4k video.

Below are just a few of the images we've captured with this excellent camera, and many more await you in our Panasonic LX100 Gallery if you're interested in this incredible deal.

1/2000 / f/3.5 / ISO 200 / 43mm eq.

1/100 / f/2.7 / ISO 1250 / 50mm eq.

1/125 / f/2.8 / ISO 200 / 75mm eq.

1/1000 / f/2.5 / ISO 1600 / 43mm eq.

1/80 / f/2.1 / ISO 1600 / 28mm eq.

1/125 / f/2.8 / ISO 100 / 62mm eq.

If you're interested, don't wait too long.... this deal surely won't last forever!

Panasonic LX100 "Superdeal"

(Thanks for making your camera purchases through one of our trusted affiliate links! You'll get the same low price, and the satisfaction of knowing that you've single-handedly helped us keep these tests and reviews coming your way.)

(Seen via 43rumors)

1/2000 / f/3.5 / ISO 200 / 43mm eq.