Portable, powerful Broncolor Siros L lights to offer 440 full-power flashes and fast charging


posted Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 2:40 PM EST


For photographers who demand the most from their lighting but don't want to sacrifice portability, Broncolor's Siros L monolights claim to offer high-output, battery-powered lighting.

The Siros L comes in two power options -- 400 joules and 800 joules -- with the latter model being a bit larger. The lights are powered with "the most up-to-date lithium ion batteries" which can produce 440 full-power flashes before needing to be charged, a process which takes 75 minutes. While waiting, you can also give the Siros L power via an external power supply.

Flash durations of up to 1/19,000 second are available and the Siros L features Broncolor's Enhanced Color Temperature Control (ECTC) technology, which the company says is designed to provide consistent color temperatures throughout the Siros L's output range. This ensures that the color temperature at low power is the same as it is when dialed up to high power.

The lights can be controlled wirelessly via the bronControl app (available for Android and iOS). The Siros L monolights are also compatible with Broncolor's full range of light-shaper tools, including softboxes, reflectors, and more.


Pricing is not yet available for the Siros L 400 and 800 lights, but they will be available starting in July from authorized resellers. For more information on the lights, see here.

(Seen via DIY Photography