Ricoh warns of possible production delays in wake of Kumamoto earthquakes


posted Friday, May 27, 2016 at 7:34 PM EST


Planning to purchase a new camera or lens from Ricoh or its Pentax brand? If so, you might want to get your order in pronto unless you want to be stuck waiting, as the company has today warned of potential production issues for interchangeable and fixed-lens cameras, as well as for the interchangeable lenses used on its SLR and mirrorless cameras.

Ricoh is hardly alone in this; we've heard of production issues from a number of its rivals already, and they all have the same root cause. Although Ricoh's own facilities weren't affected by the recent Kumamoto earthquakes and their aftershocks, the company says that some of its suppliers have been facing issues, and this could have a knock-on effect on Ricoh's own production.

No specific models which might be affected are mentioned, so if you're ready to make your next purchase, now would probably be a good time. Hopefully you'll be able to get your camera gear in-hand before the delays make themselves known at retail, or at least get yourself an earlier place in the queue if the product you want isn't currently in stock. As always, you can help support our site at no cost to you by ordering through our affiliates below: