The “Dehaze” slider: A clear method for reducing haze in your photographs


posted Monday, June 6, 2016 at 3:59 PM EST


In much of the northern hemisphere, we're entering that humid time of the year with frequent haze. On some occasions haze can add something desirable to an image, but more typically it just reduces sharpness, color and contrast in what might be an otherwise beautiful landscape.

There are multiple ways that you can reduce haze in Photoshop, but one of the best ways is through the "Dehaze" feature that Adobe added to Camera RAW last year. Photographer Martin Evening has written an article for Amateur Photographer discussing the use of a graduated filter and the "Dehaze" slider. The adjustment can occasionally create undesired results when applied to the full image, so selectively administering the effect is a great way to get the pros without the cons.

Separately, photographer Terry White has made a video tutorial covering the dehaze feature not only for removing haze in an image, but also for creating interesting artistic effects.

Lightroom users fear not! Your app of choice includes the "Dehaze" slider as well. Toby Gelston of PhotoRec TV has made a video overview of the feature in Lightroom.

Night photographers should also take note of the dehaze adjustment, because it can create some rather cool results of the night sky as PetaPixel has showed off here.

If you want to embrace haze instead of trying to find ways to reduce or eliminate it, Cambridge in Colour has an excellent article on ways that you can use haze, fog and mist to your advantage and create moody, atmospheric photographs.

(Seen via Amateur Photographer