Bring your smartphone photos to life in ten seconds with the new Fujfilm Instax Share SP-2 printer


posted Monday, June 27, 2016 at 9:38 AM EST


Smartphone pictures don't need to be confined to the digital realm, certainly not when you have a Fujifilm Instax Share printer. Fujifilm has just announced the Share SP-2 printer, which features a completely new design, more features and better reported performance.

Bring your smartphone photos to life on credit-card sized Instax Mini Instant Film prints. Prints are 800 x 600 dots and have a 320 dots per inch resolution. The new laser exposure system allows the SP-2 to quietly make prints in ten seconds, six seconds faster than its predecessor.

In addition to the streamlined design and faster printing speed, the SP-2 includes new filters and templates; brightness, saturation and contrast adjustments; and a rechargeable battery that allows for internal charging via a micro USB port. The printer can print JPEG and PNG files.


With the printer, Fujifilm has also released a new SHARE app which includes a refreshed user interface, new creative filters and simpler navigation. The application is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Releasing in mid-July, the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 will sell for just under $200 with a double pack (20 exposures) of Instax Mini Instant Film sold separately for $20. The printer will be available in silver and gold body colors.

The Instax Share SP-2 will be available in two new colors, silver and gold.