One of a kind: Analog prints on limestone tiles make your photos unique and tangible


posted Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 6:09 AM EDT


In an increasingly digital age, it can be difficult to find ways to tangibly connect to your photography. Tom Bates, founder of Shots/on\Stone hopes to change that with his Kickstarter project to make analog black and white prints on natural stone tiles in his darkroom in Vienna, Austria.

Developed by hand, each stone print is created using a traditional silver gelatin process and is made on natural Solnhofen limestone from Germany. Every piece of limestone, which formed from sedimentary deposits from over 150 million years ago, is unique. Therefore every print is distinct due to the variations in natural patterns, and viewers are encouraged to touch and handle the stone print. You are meant to truly connect with these special prints.

The process involves hand-coating a piece of stone with liquid emulsion, then exposing it to the negative image in the darkroom, soaking it in developer and fixer, washing it in water and then painting two coats of ultraviolet protective varnish to ensure your print lasts for a long time.

For around $45 you can choose from an artist print (photographs and designs from Tom Bates) and get it on stone. For just under $90, you can have one of your own images printed on a roughly 8" x 8" stone tile. There are additional backing categories for more artist and custom stone prints. It's estimated that artist prints will be delivered in November and custom prints in January.


With 25 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, Shots/on\Stone is roughly 75% of the way toward their goal of just under $4,500.

For more information, see the Kickstarter campaign. This is an unusual process and the prints are truly distinct. If you want a special way to bring your work to life, this looks to be a great option. While there are companies that offer digital printing onto stone tiles, this is the only hand-developed, analog stone printing process curretly available.