Mindshift Gear and Moose Peterson launch “Moose Ear”-equipped backpacks for wildlife photographers


posted Friday, July 15, 2016 at 3:30 PM EST


In 1998, photographer Moose Peterson released three backpacks. These backpacks were unique due to their "Moose Ear" flaps which were designed to automatically close and protect your gear from the elements. The wildlife photographer-oriented backpacks have been updated in conjunction with Mindshift Gear, retaining the "Moose Ear" flaps and practical design of the originals.

Available in three sizes -- from largest to smallest, the MP-1 V2.0, MP-5 V2.0 and MP-7 V2.0 -- these backpacks can carry up to three DSLR cameras with telephoto lenses attached (see, they're still designed with wildlife photographers in mind) including up to a 600mm f/4 lens. Wildlife photographers tend to travel all over the world, so these backpacks are also made to meet airline carry-on restrictions. With room for multiple cameras and lenses, the "Moose Ear" flaps and included rain cover, this bag is ready to help you protect your gear in any conditions.

The MP-7 holds up to a 200mm f/2 lens attached to a grip body. The MP-3 holds an attached 500mm f/4 or a detached 600mm f/4. Finally, the largest of the three bags, the MP-1, can fit up to an 800mm lens detached. All of the bags feature a three compartment system to allow you to keep your lenses attached to your cameras and provide you with the fastest possible access to whatever gear you need. The MP-3 and MP-1 also include a tuck-away harness system with a removable waistbelt whereas the zippered side pockets are exclusive to the MP-7.

The new MP V2.0 backpacks are available in three sizes: (From left to right) MP-7, MP-1 and MP-3.

The bags are available now with prices ranging from $200 for the MP-7 V2.0 to $350 for the MP-1 V2.0. (The MP-3 V2.0 falls roughly in the middle with a pricetag of $280.) If you're looking for a carrying solution that is designed to give you fast access to gear while protecting it from the elements, these are bags well worth a look. You can see Moose Peterson showcase the bags in the video below.