Pentax K-1 Review: Hands down, this full-frame beauty is the most impressive Pentax DSLR ever!


posted Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 6:59 AM EDT


Early this spring, Pentax finally tooks the wraps off a camera that had long been rumored, speculated about, and eventually shown in prototype form and under glass at tradeshows around the globe. Today, we complete our review of that self-same camera with the publication of the conclusion to our extremely in-depth Pentax K-1 review -- and boy, did we ever enjoy our time with this camera!

That's great news if you're a Pentaxian, because the Pentax K-1 is an extremely important camera for the company. After a fair few years spent earning a reputation for solid, dependable and extremely feature-rich DSLRs at aggressive prices -- both with its APS-C flagships, and with the spectacular 645-series medium format cameras -- there was really only one place left for Pentax brand-owner Ricoh to go.


A full-frame Pentax DSLR to fill the gap between its sub-frame and medium-format cameras was the next logical step, and what a first effort this is! Where it could have gone the easy route and shoe-horned a larger sensor into a body much like those of its existing sub-frame flagships, Ricoh has designed the Pentax K-1 anew from the ground up.

In the process, it's invented brand-new features like its unusual Cross-Tilt LCD articulation mechanism and on-demand body lighting system that are completely unique in the market. And at the same time, the Pentax K-1 includes the DNA that has made Ricoh's existing APS-C DSLRs so great, not to mention plenty of performance and absolutely top-notch image quality!


In fact, if you're a Pentaxian who's ready to make the leap to full-frame, we're going to drop a mighty big spoiler here and say that you should just go and buy the Pentax K-1 right now. (You can pick one up -- and help support this site -- by shopping the best deals and ordering from one of our affiliates here.) Our review will still be here ready and waiting to dial your anticipation up another notch or three once you've ordered. ;-)

And if you're not already shooting Pentax glass, well, there's a lot to recommend the Pentax K-1 to you too. Perhaps even enough to justify a jump from another system, or buying into a second system. To find out whether that step would be right for you, read our Pentax K-1 review and its just-published conclusion now!

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