Meyer-Optik resurrects more vintage glass: Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 and Primoplan 75/ f 1.9 appear on Kickstarter


posted Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 9:30 AM EST


Earlier this year, we told you about Meyer-Optik-Görlitz's new Trioplan f2.8/100 lens, a recreation of an optic that was first released a century back in 1916. Enthusiastically received by photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern, the lens -- famed for its soap bubble bokeh -- was followed onto Kickstarter by another classic soap bubble optic, the Trioplan f2.9/50. And now the company is back with not one but two more vintage beauties vying for your Kickstarter pledge money -- the bokehlicious Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 and Primoplan 75/ f 1.9!

Last manufactured more than a half-century ago, the Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 is very close in focal length to the Trioplan f2.9/50, Meyer-Optik-Görlitz CEO Dr. Stefan Immes admits in a blog post on the company's site. So why should you pledge your money and wait for the new Primoplan lens to reach market, rather than simply buying its Trioplan sibling today? We'll let Immes do the talking.


"Both lenses are totally different in their 'image language,'" noted Immes. "While the Trioplan 50 is especially known for its soap bubbles and creates great close-up shots with its front focusing element, the Primoplan 58 is famous for its variety of bokehs. It produces bubbles of different sizes in the same image melting into each other, an effect also called the butterfly bokeh. But just as well, it can give the photographer a more discreet swirling bokeh and great sharpness of the main subject of the image. Furthermore, the bokeh can be creamy and soft creating a dream like atmosphere. All of this in just one lens – a truly fantastic or as we say “wonder lens.” Besides – although this might be surprising – the difference between 50 mm and 58 mm is substantial when it comes to street photography and discreet portraiture."

Sounds like quite an optic, but when will you be able to get your hands on the newly-produced version? Well, Kickstarter pledges which will receive the optic currently start from around US$650, and come with an estimated delivery date of March 2017. But if you look more closely at the list of available pledges, you'll see another Meyer optic hiding in the wings, and perhaps awaiting its own separate Kickstarter campaign. That's because for a pledge level of US$1,600, you'll receive not just the Primoplan 58/ f 1.9, but also the Primoplan 75/ f 1.9 -- and again, availability is slated for March 2017!


Both the Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 and Primoplan 75/ f 1.9 are said to be available in Canon EF, Fuji X, Leica M, M42, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon F and Sony E lens mounts. The Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 is additionally slated for availability in Pentax K-mount form, although no such plans have yet been revealed for the Primoplan 75/ f 1.9. Final list pricing for the 58mm optic is said to be US$1,600 or thereabouts, while the 75mm optic will sell for roughly €2,000 (US$2,250, ignoring exchange rate fluctuations, taxes and duties).

More details can be found on the Primoplan 58/ f 1.9 Kickstarter page.

(via Photography Blog)