KOHIKO Kickstarter hopes to bring modular, sling camera backpack to adventurous photographers


posted Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 10:42 AM EST


From the New Zealand-based company Kiwidition comes a new Kickstarter campaign aimed at bringing their sling camera backpack, KOHIKO, to market. The bag is designed to be compact, lightweight and user-friendly, allowing photographers to quickly access their gear.

When walking, you keep the bag on your back, but its unique design and small size allows you to quickly swing it around to your side to access its numerous internal and external pockets. When empty, the KOHIKO weighs a mere two pounds and has a 400 cubic inch volume. You can store a DSLR camera with one large or a pair of medium-sized lenses inside the bag. External pockets are designed to store items such as extra batteries, a cellphone, notebook, flashlight and other small items you might need on your photo adventure. A small tablet or notebook can be stored in a flat back pocket, and there are straps to attach a tripod to the bottom of the bag as well.

In addition to its interesting shape and ability to be freely swung to your front without taking the bag off, it also includes a modular design. There are a series of pouches that can be purchased separately that conveniently attach to the outside of the KOHIKO or can be used independently of the bag, if you so desire.

The KOHIKO is constructed of nylon fabric with a polyurethane coating and a Teflon protector, which gives the bag water resistance. Duraflex buckles are used to ensure a rugged design and the YKK zippers provide reliable zipping and protection of your gear. The wide straps have a mesh backing fabric to help keep you cool on hot days. When you don't want to carry it on your back or over your shoulder, there's a convenient carrying handle as well.


As of writing, there are just over 40 days left to go in the campaign and it needs help to reach its campaign goal. If you're interested in backing this project, you can get your hands on a pouch kit for US$60. To get the KOHIKO itself, your pledge will need to reach $131. $191 gets you the KOHIKO and pouch kit. The KOHIKO is available in black, desert sand, chameleon gray, red cross and olive green colors with a light gray interior fabric. To learn more about the project and make your own pledge, visit the Kickstarter page.