Brevite introduces two new bags, Rucksack and Rolltop, which offer discreet carrying solution


posted Friday, September 23, 2016 at 1:34 PM EST


Motivated by the desire to create a photo backpack that blended in and flew under the radar - one that didn't obviously scream that you were carrying valuable equipment - three New England brothers started their company and got to work on a backpack that could hold everything photographers needed, while being comfortable, practical and aesthetically-pleasing. Boston-based Brevitē released their original backpack after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and are now back with two new designs, the Rucksack and the Rolltop photography bags.

All three carrying solutions in the Brevitē lineup are built around a few simple ideas. The bags should be practical for photographers, offering shutterbugs quick access to their gear. They should blend in and not attract unwanted attention from thieves. Finally, they should be built around "The System." The system is a removable compartment that can be swapped among all three bags and provide flexibilty.

Of their products, Brevitē co-founder Brandon Kim says, "Each of our Brevitē backpacks was designed to balance our desire to explore and photograph what awaits us in life, and this core expectation demanded a backpack that could provide comfort, beauty and functionality all in one package. With our new Rucksack and Rolltop, we wanted to maintain the purposeful features that were so well received by our original Kickstarter backers while bringing multiple new looks to our growing product lineup."

The new Rucksack bag from Brevitē

Before taking a look at the two new bags, which differ slightly in look, materials and price, it is better to see what features the two bags share with one another, because the list is extensive. Both bags provide photographers with multiple access doors to quickly reach their gear. They each include an integrated laptop sleeve which can hold up to a 15" laptop. If it's raining, no problem; you get a hideaway rain cover in both the Rucksack and Rolltop. Additional shared features include: memory card holders sewn into the sternum strap and hip belt, external compression straps for storing a tripod, sweat-wicking back materials, removable lens cap buckle on the shoulder strap (compatible with 52, 58 and 67mm lens caps), sunglasses loop on shoulder strap, water bottle holder, internal organizer pocket and external dimensions of roughly 18 x 13 x 6 inches.

And the Rolltop

There are a lot of shared features, but what are the differences? The Rucksack's exterior is constructed using a nylon outer layer and the Rolltop has a waterproof polyester exterior. Whereas the Rucksack is closed on the top using two buckles, the Rolltop is rolled up and shut using a single metal closure. They offer slightly different materials and styles, but are otherwise very similar.

The new backpacks from Brevitē are available with a special preorder price until September 27. You get 15% off each bag's MSRP. The Rucksack (regularly US$165) can be preordered now for just over $140. The Rolltop (regularly $185) can be ordered for just under $160. You can preorder the backpacks now at

Both new bags and Brevitē's backpack from last year utilize the same "System" interior, allowing consistency and compatibility throughout the lineup. (The Rucksack is on the left here and the Rolltop is on the right).

I should be receiving one of these new bags for review shortly, so stay tuned for more on Brevitē's new Rucksack and Rolltop backpacks.