When tripod threads go screwy: Fix your damaged tripod thread with this DIY repair kit


posted Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 10:30 AM EST


Filmmaker Tom Antos knows how frustrating damaged tripod threads can be, but fixing them doesn't have to be a complicated task nor require sending your camera gear away for repair.

To repair a damaged tripod thread (in the video below we are looking at 1/4-20" threads), you need a helical threaded insert kit, such as this one from E-Z Lok which can be purchased on Amazon for under US$25.

The kit includes a drill bit, a hole tapper, thread inserts and a tang break tool. You can see how to use the components in the video below. You may need additional tools depending on your task. For example, to make a new hole, you'll need a drill of your own and if you need to remove a broken thread rather than just insert a new one, you will need pliers. Other than that, the kit includes everything you need to replace or create new 1/4-20" tripod sockets.

Any time you can fix your own gear rather than ship it out for time-consuming and often expensive repairs, it's a big win. Repairs don't get much simpler than the one above.

A lot of photographic gear uses the 1/4-20" socket size, but if you have the need for a different size, you can view E-Z Lok's other threaded insert kits on their Amazon storefront.

(Seen via DIY Photography)