Nikon D5600 First Shots: Time to make comparisons against the rival T6i, K-70, A6500 and more!


posted Monday, January 16, 2017 at 6:05 PM EDT


Two years in the making, the Nikon D5600 has some pretty big shoes to fill in Nikon's intermediate DSLR category. The D5500 not only won Best Intermediate DSLR in our 2015 Camera of the Year awards but was also named the "Best indoor sports camera under $1000" by us that same year. It's a camera we simply fell in love with and couldn't stop raving about.

So where do you go from there? Well, if you've read our Nikon D5600 overview, they apparently decided to stick with a similar formula for this model, keeping the imaging pipeline and indeed most everything other than some updated connectivity features the same. And hey, this really isn't such a bad thing given how popular and well-received the D5500 was, but it's still our job to make sure it really is the same, and our Nikon D5600 First Shots are the best place to start.

This also means of course that you can now pixel-peep the D5600 images of our Still Life test target on our Nikon D5600 Sample page, but the real fun lies in comparing the D5600 to the current competition in our Comparometer. Want to know how this model stacks up to the Canon T6i as ISO rises? Or how about the Pentax K-70 or the Sony A6500? The Comparometer has you covered!

In order to whet your appetite for comparing, below are a few side-by-sides from our Comparometer against all three of these competitors at ISO 3200. (Crops at 1:1 using in-camera JPEG's at default settings.)

Nikon D5600 vs Canon T6i

Nikon D5600                        ISO 3200                          Canon T6i

Nikon D5600 vs Pentax K-70

Nikon D5600                        ISO 3200                          Pentax K-70

Nikon D5600 vs Sony A6500

Nikon D5600                        ISO 3200                          Sony A6500

So there's a sneak peek at a few common side-by-side comparisons. Dive into our Comparometer to continue your own search, and see our D5600 Samples page for more details!

Nikon D5600 First ShotsOverviewComparometer

Canon T6i vs Nikon D5600

Pentax K-70 vs Nikon D5600 •

Sony A6500 vs Nikon D5600