World Press Photo 2017 winners announced, see which cameras took the most award-winning photos


posted Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 1:43 PM EDT


World Press Photo recently announced its 2017 Photo Contest winners. Spanish site Photolari broke down which cameras were used to capture the award-winning images and the information is quite interesting.

Granted, there are nine images for which data is not available, but otherwise we can see the breakdown of the other 36 winning photographs. Overall, DSLR cameras dominate the charts, with the Canon 5D Mark III leading the way with nine award-winning photos having been snapped with the venerable full-frame Canon. Canon also holds second place with the professional Canon 1DX. Nikon shows up with two cameras tied for the third-place position, the Nikon D4s and Nikon D810.

Clockwise from top left: Camera brand percentages, camera type percentages and breakdown of specific cameras used. Image credit: PhotoLari

It is interesting to see Fujifilm show up for three images, which accounts for around 8% of the photographs with available camera information. This is an increase of two winning photos over the 2016 data. While the sample sizes aren’t large enough to justify making any broad assumptions, I would not be surprised to see more mirrorless cameras on the list in 2018 as the DSLR alternatives continue to take hold in the professional market, thanks in large part to their relatively compact nature. With that said, don’t expect anyone to dethrone Canon or Nikon as the top dogs anytime soon.

(Seen via Fuji Rumors)