A snowy, cold adventure in Swedish Lapland with landscape and travel photographer Thomas Heaton


posted Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 7:00 AM EDT


Landscape and travel photographer Thomas Heaton not only captures excellent photographs, but he also maintains a very active YouTube channel which blends education and entertainment. His videos often take the form of going out in the field and capturing photos while offering tips and tricks along the way. We have covered his work on numerous occasions (see here, here and here).

In a recent video, the U.K.-based Heaton is in Swedish Lapland. He was invited there by Discover the World and Heaton was able to travel around to great photo spots via hovercraft and snowmobile. Who wouldn’t have fun doing that, right?

To see more videos from Thomas Heaton, visit his YouTube channel. He also has written an e-book about landscape and travel photography, which you can purchase for $3.99 on Amazon, although it is free with Kindle Unlimited.

(Seen via Reddit)