What will these photographers do with a year in Adobe’s Creative Residency program?


posted Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 11:30 AM EST


Adobe doesn’t just provide artists with the software to bring their creativity to life, but the company also places an emphasis on helping others in more direct ways. One of their initiatives for inspiring creativity is their Adobe Creative Residency. The residency program provides artists the chance to spend a year working on a personal creative project, utilizing Adobe’s support and outreach.

Last year Adobe had four creative residents; all experienced a great deal of success during their year. This time around, there are six creative residents. You can learn more about them here and in the video below.

There are a pair of photographers in the program this year, Aundre Larrow and Julia Nimke. Larrow is a Brooklyn-based photographer who will spend his year in Adobe’s Creative Residency program working on “a series of projects that explore the diverse range of people across the United States and their daily lives, challenges and perspectives.” In particular, Larrow will work on a project titled “Echo Chamber,” which focuses on America through the eyes of its people. As part of his projects, Aundre will start working with video for the first time.

Nimke is a German photographer whose focus is nature, traveling and cultural storytelling. During her residency, she will explore and document places around Europe, visiting cultures with ties to European folk tales. Like Aundre, she will be utilizing video in addition to still images to tell visual stories.

To learn more about the Adobe Creative Residency program, click here