Shutter Release: Meyer Optik Görlitz teases new lens project, beautiful 4K storm time lapse and more


posted Monday, June 5, 2017 at 3:00 PM EST


Shutter Release is a running series here on Imaging Resource in which we share with you several interesting articles and videos we find around the web. We give you a quick rundown of the article or sometimes just share a video with you and let the content speak for itself. There is a lot of great content out there and Shutter Release is our way of curating news we think will appeal to you, our readers.

In today’s edition of Shutter Release, we will share news about an upcoming Kickstarter campaign from Meyer Optik Görlitz, an awesome time lapse showcasing supercell thunderstorms, a lighting tutorial video for creative wedding photography and finally a DIY video for making your own leather camera harness for well under $100.

Meyer Optik Görlitz teases new lens – Photo Rumors

Details are scarce, but Meyer Optik Görlitz is teasing a Kickstarter campaign for a new lens project. The company says, “In just a few days, we will announce an exciting new lens project that will launch on Kickstarter. This new offering from our research and development team will awe you with its quality, versatility and unique personality. While we can’t share the details just yet, you can get some clues from the image above. It was taken with a prototype of our new art lens, and as you can see, the sharpness and bokeh are stunning.” You can see the image in question below. This won’t be the company’s first rodeo on Kickstarter, having successfully launched several lenses on the crowdfunding site.

Teaser image captured using a prototype of the new lens from Meyer Optik Görlitz. The new project will launch on Kickstarter soon.

The beauty and power of supercell thunderstorms shown off in new time lapse, “Fractal” – Petapixel

Photographer Chad Kowan of has created a three-minute time lapse video made from images captured over a span of a decade throughout the American Midwest.

Lighting the groom video tutorial – Fstoppers

Photographer Bob Davis of Bob & Dawn Davis Photography and Design teamed up with lighting company Westscott for a new video tutorial focused on quickly setting up light for groom portraits.

Create your own leather photography harness for $70 – DIY Photography

Duncan Dimanche has created a video tutorial for making your own leather harness, which can retail for as much as $300, for well under $100. To see the list of required materials and where to acquire them, see the video’s description.