Shutter Release: Nikon President hints at mirrorless camera and Laowa Magic Shift Converter for E mount


posted Monday, July 10, 2017 at 8:20 AM EST


We hope you all had a nice weekend. Let's start this week off with a new entry in our regular Shutter Release series. For new readers, Shutter Release is a feature in which we scour the internet for interesting stories and videos and share the best with you, alongside quick summaries. In today's edition of Shutter Release, we look at an interesting quote form Nikon's President, Laowa's new Magic Shift Converter for Sony E mount, the science of hyperfocal distance and one professional photographer on why he likes using a crop sensor for his work. There's a lot of ground to cover so let's get started.

Nikon's President hints at a new mirrorless camera - Nikon Rumors

In an interview with Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Nikon's Persident Kazuo Ushida hinted at the possibility Nikon will release a new mirrorless camera. A Google translation of a quote from Ushida says, "I will give out a 'Nikonashii' mirrorless camera that made a difference to other companies in terms of performance." This isn't the first time a Nikon executive has hinted toward the development of a new mirrorless camera. Translations from an interview earlier this year suggested Nikon has shifted resources toward mirrorless camera development. Much has been made of Nikon's financial situation recently and a new product segment for the Japanese giant may represent a big risk, but perhaps one they must take.

Laowa announces Magic Shift Converter for Sony E mount - Sony Alpha Rumors

Laowa has announced a new Magic Shift Converter for Sony E mount. This product, which is available for preorder now, converts a Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero D lens to a 17mm f/4 lens with +/- 10mm shifting capabilities without any vignette. While specially designed for the Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero D, the company says it may work with other ultra-wide angle lenses for Canon and Nikon mounts (the Canon to Sony E version is expected to ship later this month with the Nikon to Sony E version coming in a few months). Click here for sample shots and check it out in the video below.

The science of hyperfocal distance - ISO 1200

Filmmaker IQ has published a new video discussing the science of deep focus and hyperfocal distance. While it is aimed at shooting video, the lessons apply to still photography as well.

Why this pro uses a crop sensor camera - Fstoppers

While it is the case that many professional photographers use full-frame (or larger) sensor cameras, there are still a lot of great reasons to opt for an APS-C or other type of crop sensor. Photographer Tihomir Lazarov has opted to use crop sensor cameras for his work and you can read his reasons why here. It's an interesting read and it's nice to learn why pros make particular equipment selections.