Shutter Release: Vintage lens, Nikon “firsts,” landscape photo challenge, bouncing light and more


posted Monday, July 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST


Shutter Release is a regular feature here at Imaging Resource and our way of sharing more news with you than ever before and sharing some of the great content our colleagues around the web produce. We are dedicated to bringing you the best original content we can while also alerting you to some of the many great articles and videos about photography around the web, including things like lighting tutorials, behind the scenes videos and interesting new gear announcements.

Today's topics include a new vintage-inspired lens, colorizing black and white photos in Lightroom, seven Nikon "firsts" from their first 100 years of existence, a list of the top 10 films photographers choose today, a video with a challenge for landscape photographers and how to create the look of off camera flash while using an on camera flash.

New Glaukar lens is a modern take on a vintage lens - Digital Trends

A vintage lens can offer images with a look that is wholly different from those captured using modern glass. You might have noticed an uptick in Kickstarter and other crowd funding campaigns lately for vintage-style lenses, including the Emil Bush Glaukar 97mm f/3.1 lens. The new lens is inspired by a lens that came out in Germany in 1910 and the modern version is a collaboration between a fashion photographer, portrait photographer and optics designer Wolfdieter Prenzel. The new version relies on the three original glass pieces from the early 20th century optic, but includes new coatings for better performance. Learn more about it and get in on the campaign before it ends on August 11 by clicking here

How to colorize a black and white image in Lightroom - PetaPixel

Colorizations of old black and white images is often done in Photoshop, but Tutvid has a new video showing how to achieve similar results using only Lightroom.

Seven "Nikon Firsts" over the last 100 years - Nikon Rumors

On July 25, Nikon is celebrating their official 100th year anniversary. To celebrate the milestone, Nikon Europe has published the first of a four-part series about "Nikon Firsts." The new article discusses many important moments in the company's history, including their first Nikkor lens in 1933, the introduction of the F-Mount in 1959 and much more. Go check it out for a fun walk down memory lane.

Top 10 films chosen by photographers - PetaPixel

You may recall the matchmaking game we covered that finds the right film for every photographer. The creator of the game has shared the ten films that most often show up in the results. Go check out the list here.

One camera, one lens, one format landscape photography challenge - Fstoppers

e6 Vlogs, which is run by landscape photographer Craig Roberts, has a lot of great photography videos. His latest video is about a landscape photography challenge wherein he uses just a single camera, lens and a square crop.

Creating the look of an off camera flash with an on camera flash - SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge has published a tutorial for creating the look of an off camera flash using an on camera flash and a silver reflector. The concept of bouncing light is important and one every portrait photographer should become familiar with.