Just a stills camera? Nope! Check out our Sony A9 Video Features, Specs & Analysis


posted Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 1:20 PM EDT

Click here to read our Sony A9 Video Field Test


The Sony A9 is one of the most impressive professional cameras we have seen in recent years, and that extends beyond the image quality and autofocus for stills. Indeed, though it lacks a full gamut of video features, the Sony A9 does quite a bit right when it comes to video performance. With multiple framerate options and strong 4K performance, the A9 is poised to be a solid go-to or backup for a Sony video shooter's arsenal. What's more, the autofocus that we were so impressed with in the stills department is just as extraordinary in video. 

If you haven't read our Field Test with the A9 yet, we recommend you start there before heading on to the video review. In the video review, we take a look at dynamic range, ISO performance, the differences between shooting in 24p and 30p in 4K (there is a noticeable difference), testing the autofocus as well as using touch to focus, and many other features.

Where does the A9 fit in a Sony shooter's video workflow? Read our A9 Video Field Test to find out. And stay tuned for more of our Sony A9 Review!