Shutter Release: Learn all about lighting with these new articles and videos


posted Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT


Shutter Release is our regular roundup feature here at Imaging Resource. Photographers and writers around the web create a lot of excellent content that we want to share with you, our readers. Today is a lighting-centric edition of Shutter Release, featuring content covering quality of light, lighting tutorials, lighting products and more.

DIY illuminator for UV fluorescence photography - Hackaday

If you're interested in ultraviolet imaging, Hackaday has a guide for creating your own DIY illuminator for UV fluorescence photography. You can get additional details on the project from its creator here.

Soft light versus hard light - ISO 1200

Francisco Joel Hernandez has created a new video to highlight the difference between soft and hard light and show off the effects of diffusion panels.

Godox A1, an off-camera flash system for smartphones - Fstoppers

Chinese lighting company Godox has shared details about an upcoming new product, the A1 phone flash system. This off-camera flash system is designed to be used with your smartphone and offer constant light from its three built-in LED lamps, single hernia flash and support flash. The flash can be controlled wirelessly. Check out additional details here.

Godox A1 flash

Shooting editorial portraiture on location - ISO 1200

In part one of a three-part series, go behind the scenes with photographer Kenny Martin as he photographs location portraits of professional mountain biker Katy Winton.

How to move from natural light to studio lighting - Fstoppers

Mango Street employed the help of photographer Daniel DeArco to discuss studio lighting and how to integrate it into your personal workflow.