Shutter Release: Recreating sunset with strobes, 5 reasons landscape photographers are crazy and more


posted Monday, July 31, 2017 at 9:20 AM EDT


We hope you all had a good weekend. Let's start the week - and final day of July - with a nice series of content. Shutter Release is about delivering a mix of interesting photography topics for you to learn a bit about before determining if you want to click on the link to learn more. We are dedicated to delivering the best in original content, but there are many talented content producers spread across the internet, so we also want to make sure you see many of our favorite articles and videos.

Today's five covered topics include how to recreate the sun and golden hour lighting using artificial light, utilizing the macOS Automator to improve your workflow, five reasons why landscape photographers have "screws loose," using light in landscape photography and finally a tutorial for creating the moody "Instagram" look in Lightroom.

The gear you need for recreating golden hour light - SLR Lounge

Photographers can spend a lifetime learning how to master light and being able to recreate a natural look is a particularly challenging aspect of lighting. For wedding photographers in particular, the chaos of the big day can mean missing certain natural lighting conditions, such as the sunset. That doesn't mean you're out of luck though, as you can reliably recreate the look and feel of a sunset portrait with some strobes and/or monolights. Read about how to do it here.

The macOS Automator can help make working with folders easier than ever before - Fstoppers

Workflow optimization may only save you a few seconds at any one time, but over the course of a year of photo editing, overall saved time can add up to big numbers. That means less time sitting at a computer screen and more time out in the field. Fstoppers has published an overview of macOS' Automator application and how it can help you manage your folders and help you speed up an organized photography workflow. Spending a few minutes to learn the ropes could save you a ton of time later.

5 reasons landscape photographers have a screw loose - PetaPixel

Landscape photographer Scott Davenport says "it wasn't hard to come [up] with 5 reasons why landscape photographers definitely have a screw loose." As a landscape photographer myself, I've gotten used to people saying things like, "Jeeze, why do you get up so early?!" Davenport gets it. His first reason is "We work crazy hours." We get up when we have to because "good light happens when it happens." Getting up in the middle of the night to drive a few hours to a location for what amounts to maybe five minutes of beautiful light is common, getting up and driving and having the conditions not come together at all is even more common. This leads into Davenport's second point, "We travel vast distances for brief moments." Preach, brother. To read the rest of his list, click here.

Using light to create drama in landscape photography - Fstoppers

Landscape photographer Andrew Marr recently travelled to Buachaille in Scotland to create a new video, this time focusing on using light for depth and drama in landscape photography. Check it out below as it contains great knowledge and beautiful imagery.

How to get the "moody Instagram" look using Lightroom - ISO 1200

Benjamin Jaworskyj has created a new video to show you how to create the "moody Instagram" look in Lightroom. If you've spent much time on Instagram lately, you've almost surely seen the look he's talking about.