Your camera strap may be all you need to capture steady video & more travel filmmaking tips


posted Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT


When traveling, carrying minimal gear is often necessary. But what if you want to capture a lot of video while traveling, you'll need gear for capturing stable footage, right? Maybe not, says TheBuffNerds. In a video from earlier this year, TheBuffNerds offer three top travel filmmaking tips, including how to capture steady footage without needing to bring bulky and expensive equipment.

If you want steady footage, your camera strap can become your best friend. Pull the strap very taut against the back of your neck and you'll be amazed how smooth your video footage will be. Another trick is to use your elbow and forearm as an anchor point for your strap, perfect for shooting from the hip. Check out the video below to see the stabilizing strap tricks in action.

TheBuffNerds recently uploaded a part 2 to their "Best Travel Filmmaking Camera Tricks and Tips" video, which you can see below.

(Via SLR Lounge)