How do you capture a unique photo of a frequently photographed location?


posted Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 9:30 AM EST


Photographer Andrew Marr produces videos with some of the best landscape shots you'll find. His latest video follows his trip to Iceland, a place particularly famous for its beautiful landscapes.

Of course, Iceland is not some unknown place among photographers, which means that there are a lot of amazing images of its most well-known locations. Marr wonders, how can you capture unique images in a place where so many people have already photographed?

There's nothing wrong with taking the "standard" shot. After all, you could have unique conditions while shooting that help set your shot apart. You could capture a distinct mood or atmosphere, post-process it in a different way, etc. After Marr took the typical shots at one of Iceland's most iconic locales, Mt. Kirkjufell, he wanted to explore the area and find a unique shot.

You don't always have to travel far in an area to find a distinct perspective on a common subject. Many people never venture beyond the standard handful of spots. Marr walked a short distance down from Kirkjufellsfoss across the road and to a lake. Along with a polarizing filter and a graduated neutral density filter, he was able to capture a very nice and distinct shot of the oft-photographed mountain.

The lessons imparted by Marr in the video above apply to any location photographers frequently visit. There are many excellent videos on Marr's YouTube channel, so be sure to visit it. Follow Andrew Marr on Instagram to see more of his work.

(Via Fstoppers