For sky-bound shutterbugs, 6 tips for great drone photos


posted Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 8:30 AM EST


Nature photographer James Shooter has made drones an important part of his photography arsenal. In the video below, which comes to us from NatureTTL, Shooter provides six tips to help photographers capture better drone photos.

Shooter's first tip is to be aware of the weather. Drones don't like the rain. Wind is another weather factor to keep in mind when flying drones. Safety is important and you don't want your drone to be out of control or unstable due to high winds. His second tip is to master your camera's settings. Drones have advanced considerably, but their propellers are still going to cause vibrations, so you want to be shooting at fast enough shutter speeds to counteract the shake caused by the drone. The opposite is actually true when recording video; you want a slower shutter speed to smooth out the footage. Having neutral density filters handy is great because they help make it possible to achieve slow enough shutter speeds for video when shooting in bright light.

Many things that are important when shooting photos from the ground remain important when shooting from the skies. Shooter's third tip is to think about lighting. Shadows can look very different from a drone than they do on the ground, so you may need to think about lighting a bit differently when using a drone, but the concept of lighting remains important. To see the rest of James Shooter's drone photography tips, check out the video below.

To see more from Shooter, visit his website. To see more educational content from NatureTTL, head over to their website.

(Via NatureTTL)