Nikon D5 takes its first journey into space: First of the 53 D5 cameras Nikon sold to NASA launch into orbit


posted Monday, November 13, 2017 at 3:45 PM EST


Back in August, we shared the news that Nikon had sold 53 Nikon D5 DSLR cameras to NASA. Nikon has announced that the D5 is now making its first mission into space aboard a re-supply mission that launched on November 12.

The 53 D5 cameras Nikon sold to NASA are all unmodified, meaning that the 20.8-megapixel full-frame cameras are the same ones that consumers can purchase from their favorite camera store. Of the 53 D5 cameras sold to NASA, 10 of them were onboard the Orbital OA-8 Space Station Cargo Resupply mission that launched on Sunday, November 12. The cameras will be used in orbit for 12 to 18 months. As for lenses, NASA is reusing Nikon lenses and other accessories that were previously launched with Nikon D4 and D2Xs cameras.

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