posted Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at 10:30 AM EST


Being able to create compelling black and white images is a skill unto itself. It is not easy to convert a color image into a dynamic monotone image. You lose a method of creating contrast and leading your viewer through an image, color, and have to instead rely on different elements of an image, such as brightness, contrast and texture. It is far from the case that a nice color image works in black and white with only a simple black and white conversion.

As is often true with post-processing, there are many ways to perform a black and white conversion. The methods range from incredibly simple one-click methods to highly precise and time-consuming methods. Over at f64 Academy, Blake Rudis has published a new video tutorial about a black and white conversion technique in Photoshop he learned from photographer Jim Welninski.

The technique used in the video above can be learned in Welninski's course, Black and White Artistry, which can be purchased in two versions, a standard and an extended version, which are currently selling for $87 and $117 for the next two days.

(Via f64 Academy)