$25 off $250+ for IR readers, no strings, no expiration!

by Dave Etchells

posted Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 6:43 PM EST


This is a time of year when everyone's budget could use some help, so we've come up with a little holiday gift for our readers: Special coupon codes for $25 off an order of $250 or more with Adorama.

You can use it for anything you want, including cameras or lenses that have "minimum advertised prices" (which are why you always see all the legitimate dealers offering identical prices on things).

There are just a couple of restrictions:

  • Unfortunately, Nikon and Sony pricing policies won't allow even a "shopping cart" coupon like this - so you can't have products from Nikon or Sony in your cart when you check out, or the coupon won't work :-(
  • This is only for IR readers, so you need to click-through to the Adorama site via a link that has our affiliate code in it
  • You must have at least one item in your shopping cart worth $250 or more
  • They're one-time use, and only one per person

No expiration!

That's it, and there's NO EXPIRATION, so sign up to get your code, and it'll be there waiting for you whenever you want to buy your next camera, lens or whatever from Adorama!

Easy to get

We've made it super-easy to get your coupon code:

  • Head over to the sign-up page and set up an account if you haven't already
    (If you already have an IR user account, use this link to get your coupon code.)
  • Plug in your name and email address and pick a password
  • You'll get a confirmation email with a link to confirm your sign-up, with your unique code and a special link to Adorama's site

Once you have your code, use the link in the email to visit Adorama's site, shop just as you normally would, and then when you check out, look for the link in the payment section that asks "Do you have a gift card or promo code?" Click that, plug in your coupon code where it says "Enter coupon code", and click "Apply". You'll see a $25 discount deducted from the total.

Easy peasy! :-)

Questions? Just ask...

Ask any questions you might have below, and we'll try to answer them at least semi-promptly - we're all going to be stuffing our faces with turkey and other goodies this weekend, but we'll try to check in periodically to answer questions for anyone that has them :-)

Oh - one last note: Adorama gave us a good batch of these codes, but we don't know if there'll be more coming once this deal is done. So it'd be smart to register and claim one for yourself while they're available. They never expire, so the code will always be there waiting for you, whenever you finally need it.

Stay tuned ;-)

This is just the tip of the iceberg; we're working on some really exciting deals for what we're calling the "IR Buyer's Club", that we'll be rolling out over the next couple of months. These will be pretty special, private deals below normally advertised prices, or with special added-value bundles, just for our readers. 

We're pretty excited by the prospects: Just in the US, (many) hundreds of thousands of people pass through our site every month, on the way to buying a camera or lens. That represents a massive business volume, and we think we've found a way to leverage it to everyone's advantage. We're not owned by or tied to any given retailer, so we can negotiate on behalf of our readers to get special deals. We don't have any ETA for all this yet, but stay tuned, and we'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, enjoy this little holiday gift from us and Adorama, and thank you for being a member of the Imaging Resource community!

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