Have your cake and eat it too with content-aware crop in Photoshop


posted Friday, December 1, 2017 at 4:15 PM EDT


One of the more interesting features added to Photoshop over the last couple of years has been the new content-aware crop tool. While many cameras have a built-in level, they aren't always reliable and there isn't always time to use it. Further, you don't have always have access to a tripod. Traditionally, you perform a simple straightening adjustment and your problem has been solved. Of course, in solving the issue, you've also had to remove part of your image. That's where content-aware crop comes in.

As outlined by Blake Rudis of f64 Academy below, the feature uses the content-aware fill technology in Adobe Photoshop to inspect the edge of the frame and then add in detail that would otherwise have been removed when you straightened and cropped your image. Now you can have a straight horizon and the details you would have otherwise lost.

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(Via f64 Academy