Quick tip: How to manually remove chromatic aberration in Photoshop and Lightroom


posted Friday, December 8, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST


Modern lenses are very good at handling chromatic aberrations and reducing the instances of color fringing. However, no matter how much lens technology has advanced, certain challenging situations will still often produce chromatic aberration. The most common instances of chromatic aberrations are purple, green or magenta lines along high-contrast edges in your photos. As Scott Kelby notes, it can be an easy problem to fix. Let's see how using Adobe software.

While the tutorial shows Kelby working in Adobe Camera Raw, the same lens correction tools are available in Lightroom. A lot of other photo editing software has similar features. There is an automatic tool in Adobe software called "Remove Chromatic Aberration" and checking this box can sometimes take care of your problem. As we see in the video below, the automatic tool did nothing for Kelby's particular problem photo. Now what? You can do it manually and adjust the color sliders to remove your aberration. See how below.

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(Via KelbyOne)