6 professional photographers offer their tips for creating compelling compositions


posted Monday, December 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT


With the help of six professional photographers, Marc Silber of Advancing Your Photography shares over a dozen composition tips with us in the video below.

Joe McNally kicks off the video by telling us that generally the rule of thirds is a pretty good guideline. With that said, he continues to suggest that you ought to bend the rules to help create dynamic photographs. You're trying to invite the viewer to enter and explore your image. Another pro photographer, Camille Seaman, advises to think of everything as shapes and that composition is arranging shapes in such a way that they interact to guide the viewer in a certain way. "Composition becomes like a ballet, it becomes choreography," Seaman says. To learn what other pros think about composition, watch the video below.

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(Via Advancing your Photography