Bringing a dream image to life, Thomas Heaton captures beautiful simplicity in Namibia


posted Thursday, December 28, 2017 at 7:30 AM EDT


When we last saw travel photographer Thomas Heaton, he was doing landscape and wildlife photography in Namibia. His latest video takes us to Sossusvlei in Namibia, a location known for its red dunes and white salt pan. It's an absolutely stunning area.

Heaton notes that despite how beautiful the area is, it proved difficult for him to get a balanced composition. It's interesting how you can be faced with a beautiful vista that is almost too much to capture. Rather than try to capture it all, Heaton opted for a long lens to isolate on the scene within the scene.

In his mind, before arriving to this location, he's long had the idea of an image of a single tree against a solid backdrop in his mind. He had previously been thinking about an autumn tree against a dark backdrop, but his time in Sossusvlei provided the opportunity to photograph a green tree against the red backdrop of the dunes. To help make the colors pop, he attached a polarizer to the front of his lens. A polarizer is a must-have tool for any landscape photographer.

A good image need not be a complex one. Once his composition was set up, Heaton was at the mercy of the lighting conditions. To see how it turned out and learn more about the beautiful location, check out his video below. For more videos like this, click here.

(Via Thomas Heaton)