Behind the scenes look at large format film from Zion: The importance of self-critique


posted Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 3:00 PM EST


If you've been following the Zion journey of photographer Ben Horne, you'd know that the large format photographer has been visiting many familiar locations in the park and working to capture the perfect fall foliage photo. On his seventh day, he is revisiting a location for the first time this year. The location may be past its fall foliage peak, but it offers a different look. Even if he is unable to find the right shot this year, Horne is paying close attention to his surroundings and checking for areas which may offer good future compositions.

Sometimes it isn't the large scene which delivers the best photographic possibilities. Horne was hiking and saw many fallen leaves in a small puddle surrounded by red sand. It's a simple scene but it offers a very interesting contrast and some lovely details.

If you'd like to see a behind the scenes look at Horne's film from his week in Zion, you can see this below. It's essentially a form of self-critique and exposition on his images and how he feels about them. It's a very useful exercise to view your work and consider your thought process and how you could have done things differently.

(Via Ben Horne