9 tips for amazing photographs from National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes


posted Monday, January 15, 2018 at 3:00 PM EST


Marc Silber of Advancing your Photography met up with his friend and professional photographer Bob Holmes. Holmes has worked with Advancing your Photography before and always shares great photography tips. The latest video focuses on general tips for better photography.

Holmes' first two tips are focused on lines within composition. He advises that you should look for lines within a scene and if possible, utilize diagonal lines in particular. Diagonals can be very powerful within the right context and create a dynamic images that your viewer will want to fully explore. If you're after a calmer, more tranquil feel for your image, try horizontal lines instead of diagonal lines. It's amazing how much the mood of a photograph can change depending on how you utilize lines.

To see the rest of Bob Holmes' tips for amazing photos, watch the video below. For more videos like this, head over to Advancing Your Photography's YouTube channel.

(Via Advancing your Photography)