Shutter Release: Photographing sand dunes, working with a single light and editing images


posted Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 7:00 AM EST


In this edition of Shutter Release, we will look at some great tips for how to take photos of sand dunes, learn how to work with a single light in the studio and watch a pair of professionals edit images. Let's get to it!

Tips for photographing sand dunes - Photography Life

Sand dunes make for excellent photographic subjects. They often have beautiful lines and patterns and can be stunning to look at. However, they also present unique challenges to your photography gear and also to your skills as a photographer. Spencer Cox has a number of great tips for helping you capture your best sand dunes shots.

On the gear side of things, you will want weatherproof camera gear, avoid changing lenses when it's windy, use a good protective filter on your lenses and bring a tripod which is easy to clean. You can see all his photography-specific tips here, but a great one which can be easy to forget about is to make sure you check your entire frame for any footprints. While footprints can be a nice subject, more often than not, they ruin the image.

Working with a single light in studio: OnSet with Daniel Norton - Adorama

Photographer Daniel Norton streamed a video last week for Adorama showing how to work with a single light in studio, including a discussion of associated challenges and their solutions. Learning how to work with a single light is great for photographers who regularly need to go on location as you don't always have time to utilize a full lighting setup. You don't need a lot of lights to take great portraits.

A pair of pros edit viewer-submitted images - Mango Street