Photographer Elizabeth Gadd brings a human touch to vast landscapes in “Through the Lens”


posted Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 12:30 PM EST


Adorama's "Through the Lens" is back for another season. This time, the documentary web series is heading north of the border to Canada. The series will spotlight 10 Canadian and Canada-based photographers and go behind the scenes with them to show how they are pushing the boundaries of art and technology.

Sal D'Alia, producer of Through the Lens, says of season 5 "The AdoramaTV collection has been carefully curated to provide unmatched education and inspiration for creatives. Beyond showcasing the stunning optics of some of the world's most desirable and unique locations, 'Through The Lens' gives artists a platform to express their voice along with their work. Each episode takes us on a journey of creative expression and allows us to see the world in an entirely new light, through their eyes and their lens." Throughout its first four seasons, Through the Lens has featured more than 60 photographers and you can view past seasons by clicking here.

In the first episode of the fifth season, "Through the Lens" follows adventure and landscape photographer Elizabeth Gadd. New episodes will be available every Wednesday and Friday. Stay tuned to Imaging Resource for more coverage of Adorama's "Through the Lens" and enjoy the first episode below.

If you'd like to follow Elizabeth Gadd, head over to her Instagram.

(Via Adorama