Six years after the smash success of the original, Syrp announces the Genie II


posted Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 10:17 AM EST


In 2012, Syrp launched one of the most successful campaigns on Kickstarter, earning over $630,000 in investment and surpassing the original goal of $150,000 in just 5 days. At the time, those were absolutely boggling, unheard-of numbers. The Syrp, a small, powerful timelapse and motion control machine, was the first of its kind. A portable, affordable and durable motion capture device simply didn't exist back then. But now, six years later, there are hundreds of possible options from a plethora of inventors around the world. As nice as the original Genie was, it was time for an upgrade. For three years, Syrp developed the Genie II and in the meantime tided original Genie owners over with the Genie Mini which could add two more axis to the original Genie system or work on their own. It was nice, but still imperfect. The system itself needed a reboot.

The wait is finally over for Syrp fans, as they have officially announced the Genie II. 


Syrp says that the Genie II is stronger, faster, and quieter than its predecessor, yet "with the same attention to simplicity and portability." Syrp made sure that you can still fit it in your backpack, but this time you'll also be getting keyframes, full camera control, high speed wireless connection, 3-axis motion control and much, much more. Syrp says that the Genie II is an extremely well-rounded filmmaking tool, drastically expanding on the original Genies core time-lapse features and adding many new and improved features and applications for filmmakers and photographers.


Genie II is made up of two modules: Linear and Pan/Tilt. Much like the original Genie, Genie II Linear can attach to any film equipment on the market including sliders, dollies and DIY gear but is completely redesigned and now includes Bluetooth, WiFi and USB-C for enabling camera and App control. It's also compatible with the Genie Mini meaning you can create a more affordable 2 or 3 Axis combination.

Genie II Pan Tilt can be combined with the Linear module or works by itself on a tripod when purchased alone. You can also upgrade from the Genie Mini Pan Tilt Kit or use it with Genie II Linear for full 3-axis control. Syrp's new Patent Pending Quick Release System enables Genie II Pan Tilt to be clicked directly into the Linear drive for 3-Axis setup. the Pan Tilt Drive also adds an internal LCD for quick setup and both modules include in-built Joysticks for movement control.


Syrp has been known by its fans as being very easy to use, and extremely versatile. As briefuly mentioned, instead of using built-on cables and motors specific to certain sliders, Syrp's Genie II will still remain the only viable option that can be adapted to fit on any existing slider or other hardware and pulls itself across/up/down with a rope/pully system that seems a little too simple, but works extremely well. Based on how they are describing the Genie II to work, it should also remain compatible with anything the current Genie and Genie Mini motion control devices currently work with. 


  • Multiple recording modes - Time-lapse, video and panorama and more
  • Full keyframe setup for both Timelapse and Video
  • Automated Bulb Ramping Time-lapse*
  • Joystick driven Live Movement Control
  • Swappable battery packs
  • Full Wireless Camera Control*
  • Live View Mode*
  • Compiled Time-lapse preview*
  • Universal slider, dolly and cable cam compatibility
  • App Control on iOS and Android
  • Color LCD for simple setup control (Genie II Pan Tilt)
  • Patent pending Quick Release System
  • USB-C, BLE & Wifi connection
  • Patented rope drive for endless tracking
  • Heavy lifting and fast moving
  • Multi camera support

*May not be available on shipping but will be released via free software update.

The Syrp Genie II will retail starting at $900 (Genie II Linear - $899, Genie II Pan Tilt - $1599, both units - $2498) and pre-orders begin on the 28th of March 2018, with an expected shipping date in June.