How does this landscape photographer make a living while sharing his content for free?


posted Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 10:30 AM EST


Photographer Dave Morrow's ongoing Landscape Photography Journals has thus far been primarily focused on going behind the scenes as Morrow backpacks and photographs out in beautiful nature. His latest video changes it up a bit as he answers questions he's been receiving about how he makes money as a full-time landscape photographer and supports his lifestyle.

In Morrow's case, he doesn't get supported via advertising nor does he sell very much of his educational content because he believes in sharing his content with everyone who is interested in being a part of his project. Before being a professional photographer, Morrow was an aerospace engineer for Boeing. While doing this job, he'd come home and do up to six more hours of work every day on his photography. He'd go out and shoot, analyze his images, work on his craft and then he began writing down his step-by-step processes. This skill became the foundation for his current educational process.

How did Morrow give up his six-figure engineering job to go full-time into photography? How does he continue to support himself? Find out in his video below.

To see more of Morrow's work and access a lot of great educational content, head over to his website. Be sure to sign up for his newsletter for exclusive content, including a recent three-part series on photo editing, which is excellent.

(Via Dave Morrow Photography