How do you start making a photography website? Hosting, design and important things to keep in mind


posted Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 7:00 AM EDT


A photography website is a very important way to share your work online, but it is also a great way to present your overall brand. If you're a professional photographer, it's critical to have a website where you can show off your best work and share important information about your services.

Not only will you be judged based on whether or not you have a website, you will also be judged based on how your website looks and behaves. It's very important to not only have a functional site, but it needs to look great and be easy to navigate. This includes numerous design decisions, which once made, should be made consistently throughout your entire site. Further, it's important to show off only your best work. People don't want to wade through dozens of galleries each containing hundreds of images.

In the video below, Jessica Kobeissi gives advice on where to start when you're making a photography website. If you'd like to use Squarespace, like many pro photographers do these days, she also has a coupon code of "JESSICA" for 10 percent off your first purchase with Squarespace. No matter who you choose for your hosting and design services, there are great tips below.

(Via Jessica Kobeissi