When evolutionary biology and photography intersect: How to utilize fear to focus your photography


posted Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 1:00 PM EDT


Fear. It is not be a topic that comes up often in photography, but it can play a very valuable role in helping you be a more creative photographer. On the other hand, fear can also negatively impact your life and your photography. How can you harness the emotion and use it to your advantage? This is the topic of photographer Dave Morrow's latest video, seen below.

When you are pursuing a goal that you're passionate about and working toward it, it's very easy to be afraid of failure. When Morrow feels fearful, he takes a minute, sits back and tries to determine if the fear is reasonable. Oftentimes it isn't. Sure, sometimes you can be afraid of something genuinely dangerous, like being afraid of hiking along a steep cliff face, but most of the time you feel fear about things that are never going to be catastrophic. Instead of running from his fears, Morrow uses them as a compass to guide him toward endeavors which will be most productive. If he's afraid of his photography project failing, then he knows that's a very important project to him and that's where he focuses his efforts.

(Via Dave Morrow