Fujifilm launches new X/GFX website, showing off great photos, helpful tips and the latest Fujifilm news


posted Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 4:00 PM EDT


To help create a community of X and GFX photographers, Fujifilm has announced the launch of a new website, Fujifilm X/GFX, and an accompanying app for iOS and Android users.

The new website not only includes an interesting "gear chooser" feature, which allows you to explore the available cameras, lenses and accessories, but some very interesting long-form articles from Fujifilm X photographers. In addition to interviews and unique stories from the field, the website also includes tutorial and technique articles.

Of the new website, which was created by Fujifilm North America, General Manager of the Electronic Imaging Division and Optical Devices Division at Fujifilm North America, Yuji Igarashi, says, "We are excited to launch a platform that displays the image quality and creative possibilities of the GFX system and X Series line of digital cameras. It’s basically a go-to website and app offering a range of resources, for all FUJIFILM photographers."


Fujifilm X/GFX website

(Via Fuji Rumors