Are you using your camera wrong? 7 ways you might be and how to fix your mistakes


posted Friday, May 18, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT


B&H certainly knows a thing or two about cameras, being one of the largest camera retailers out there, and that means they also know a lot about how people use their cameras. B&H has outlined seven common ways people incorrectly use their cameras in the video below. Are you guilty of any these mistakes?

The first one is a mistake I used to make and see many photographers make, holding the camera incorrectly. When shooting, your left hand should be free to support the weight of the lens and the best way to support it is by holding your hand underneath with your palm facing upward. If you aren't using proper hand support, you'll likely have camera blur when shooting at slower shutter speeds.

Another common mistake is not cleaning your lens. Even if you are careful with your gear, there'll end up being dust on your lens. There's really nothing you can do to prevent it happening so long as you continue to use your gear, but you can do something about removing it. You can use specialized microfiber cloths or an air blower (a manual one, not compressed air) to clean your lens. It's always a good idea to keep cleaning supplies in your camera bag.

Isn't it terrible when you're out shooting and your battery dies or your card fills up? Not having enough batteries or cards is definitely a mistake you'll want to avoid making. To learn about the other ways beginners (and advanced photographers too) use their camera incorrectly, check out the video below.

(Via B&H