Adam Gibbs travels from Canada to the Lake District in the United Kingdom and finds a familiar subject


posted Monday, May 21, 2018 at 12:00 PM EDT


When we join photographer Adam Gibbs on his photography vlogs, we are often treated to lovely forests, streams and other nature scenes in British Columbia, Canada. However, in his latest video, we join Gibbs in the picturesque Lake District in the United Kingdom.

Although he traveled 6,000 miles and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, Gibbs still gravitated toward one of his favorite and most common subjects, a waterfall. As he worked on finding a composition, he wanted to discuss an important topic. When you're in a new area which is very nice, you can easily be overwhelmed with potential photographs. It's a big challenge because it makes it very difficult to concentrate on one particular area. "Your first instinct is to point your camera at the whole scene and try and get it all in. And of course, we all know, it doesn't really work." Instead, Gibbs suggests zeroing in on smaller parts of the larger scene.

(Via Adam Gibbs